#pfw : Alexander McQueen

Look 1There is no way to even begin to put the ten outfits that were shown for the McQueen fall collection in any spectrum of the season. The handfuls of looks (like literally it was five then a variant of each) were created while Burton was in her last stages of pregnancy. Whatever was forming in Burton was completely amplified for this collection. That something was first seen in the pre-fall collection with a focus on the humble and piety of low Church Anglicans, I mean if pre-fall was about humility and purity of the church then the fall collection was all about the excess of Catholicism in a way that would have flattered the ferocious anti-papist Lee. Five subgroups were in this collection: Communion, nuns, cardinals, popes and angels. In a believable (scarcely) but timely twist, Britain’s most senior Catholic cardinal has just stepped down in the wake of one of those hideous sex scandals that seem to endlessly plague the Vatican. Burton just happened to dress her cardinal duo in outfits that would have done a Vegas showgirl-or a cross-dressing cardinal-proud (tear).


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