No Heel? She’ll Still Work It.

Tommy Ton, Street Style, Broken Heel, Working Girl, Fashion, Style, TheBenClark, London Fashion Week, Fall 2014, Modern Style, Movies, TV Shows

I’ve always sat wondered, when some movies or tv shows come on and you see this girl walking down the street and her heel falls off of her pump, does she instantly fall apart and cry all the time? Well as I am casually stalking through the street stye photographs of Tommy Tom and others, I come across this picture from London fashion week and what do my eyes see, well a woman walking and missing a heel. This threw out that notion of every girl losing her mind because she’s lost her heel. Any other woman might have retreated to her car and changed instantly or pulled out a spare shoe, but not this girl, she walked to wherever she needed to go and worked it from here to Lagerfeld. I just wonder where she was going, and most importantly where the hell did her heel go? I mean at what point was she like “Oh Shit, I guess I better work this look”, if she took any amount of ballet lessons as a kid this is the time to use what you know. I gotta give her props though for working through a broken heel, I’m sure most of those other girls would’ve clambered for the nearest shoe store or sunk away to their car for a change, but no not this girl. Round of applause for the girl with the broken heel.

Photo Cred Tommy Ton


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