A Guys Perspective On Hair

Hairstyles, Hair Stylist, Guys Perspective, Mens Hairstyles, TheBenClark, Fashion Blogger, Bad Hairstyles, Extensions, Weave, Fashion, Style, Womens Cut, Mullets, So I have gotten a lot, and I mean a lot of feedback on by post about A Guys Perspective On Makeup and I though it only fitting to do a post on my thoughts on hair. I have cruised through many different beauty blogs that all seem to say the same thing but never really come out and say the things that you, me and the rest of the population want to say. I mean I am a huge fan of hair actually, I believe it is part of the overall style and sense of who you are, hair can say so much about you and no words have to be spoken. My girlfriend is cosmetologist and she is one to say that if your hair is not up to par then go to someone who can help you…and she is right.

Now, I believe that hair is an extension of who you are and what you’re trying to tell people about yourself, but les-be-honest that if your hair is a train wreck then chances are so is your life. I mean sometimes I look at people (both men and women) and think sweet jesus what happened to your head, I mean did you and the toaster get in a fight and the Ego attempted to rescue you? I love watching the runways on the women’s side of things and I love how some of the hair looks on the runways so how bout we let them styles stay there. I really don’t understand what some women are thinking, and I mean some of the worst are the ones with extensions! I mean damn what the hell are you thinking putting in your blonde glue in and when it starts to fall out you glue it back with dark glue, are trying to go on a fucking date with a cheetah? The clip in extensions are the best, I love walking behind you and clearly seeing the light reflection in your head, lets get it together ladies. When your color job goes from a nice chestnut brown to a fucking rainbow that would make skittles want to sue you, you might want to rethink your life decisions. My girlfriend has coined the term “Homemade Ombre”, and lets be honest with ourselves some of you have it so take that hair away from Smart Clips and to an actual salon.  Guys we’re just as bad if not worse, some of us tend to just want to cling on to that mullet that should have been put to sleep with the rest of the worst of the 80s. I’m all for going with a trend in hair, I went with the disconnect hairstyle, but listen don’t go all crazy with the color aspect nobody will talk to you and if you go jet black, women will think your a serial killer…no wonder your still single.

I’ll admit at my current situation I have a lot of length on the top which I am meeting with my hair cutting girlfriend this week to get taken care of, but for the rest of everyone do not go about doing a DIY haircut, you will come out a hot tranny mess. I believe that everyone has a chance to quit looking a mess and go for the gold in hair but like I said lets leave the runway hair to the runway, put some hairstyles to sleep like a rabid dog and remember when it comes to color lets refrain from pissing of Skittles.


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