The Vogue Cover I Despise

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, VOGUE Cover, Kim Kanye Vogue Cover, Fashion, Style, Anna Wintour, Bad Vogue Cover, Kimye Vogue Cover, TheBenClarkI cannot believe that this has happened, the timeless fashion magazine that so many actresses, athletes, politicians and so forth have covered has finally hoped on the reality star bandwagon. The April cover of VOGUE stars the Kim Kardashian reality show dimwit and the pop cultural icon Kanye West, known for his tantrums and adult boy immaturity, with an ever lasting hashtag (what is this world coming to) along with the word selfie manifested on the top right side. The couple is seen in a loving embrace with Kim in a classic (hard to put her and the word classic in the same sentence) white gown, you know after hearing the swarms of rumors that Wintour snubbed the reality star and hadn’t even thought of having the girl on the cover it just makes me think about a few things. Did Kanye finally win over the fashion queen to get Kim on the cover (mind you it really isn’t her cover), does Kim have some sort of actual influence, is Kanye’s tantrums finally getting him places or has Wintour softened up to people? I mean some people would say “Kim is a style icon” and then I would have to reply no she is not, Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich are style icons, not that reality trash. I have just three words that describe my feelings on this and they are WHAT THE DAMN, I mean I’m flustered a bit because I feel that a magazine that empowers women and is a fashion industry standard now features a reality star and adult boy on the cover. What’s next for VOUGE Snookie, JWOW, Janelle from Teen Mom 2, I mean the possibilities are endless here with the possible trash VOGUE might have next. American VOGUE puts so many celebrities on their cover (I hate celebrity), whereas VOGUE Italia, French VOGUE and other European magazines pride themselves on putting models on their covers. I personally would rather see Linda Evangelista on the cover than any celebrity. I do have to ask this though, is Wintour smart in putting these two people on the cover I mean after all she saw the celebrity craze coming before anyone else; or has she just lost her mind? I think Wintour didn’t make the best choice for the cover, I’d love to see Lupita Nyong’O, Sally Hawkins or June Squibb on the cover. What are your thoughts on this, do they differ from mine? Let me know!


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