A Guys Lesson In Prints

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Ok guys I am here to give you a lesson in prints and before you leave this page thinking that it’s not for you I suggest you stay glued to this article because you probably need it. Most of us guys will sit here and think that because we are guys we don’t have to pay any real attention to what we throw on our backs when we decide to walk out in the great world but please let me give you a reality check on that. WE DO. I’ve seen guys go into stores and find this all over tiger print shirt where the eyes seriously line up with his nipples and he gets it and wears it out while he has on a pair of plaid shorts and cargo ones at that. Listen you have made a ghastly decision that is clearly irrational, you never put those worlds of prints and plaids together, they will cause you nothing but social suicide and shame brought to your entire wardrobe. No guy should ever be seen wearing plaid cargo shorts, those went out in the late 2000s and they should stay there.

I love to bring in a print and a graphic I think that they can really benefit each other but please make the print and graphic fold into each other. I mean I will put a red cheetah with a snap back graphic with a nice wide periwinkle plaid button front and I can do this because the colors balance each other out. When you decode to recreate the 70s you are not going to be meshing balanced colors out, you will pushing out oranges and shit brown pants and I will have to turn and walk away because all is lost after that. The best thing to do is pair neutrals with prints, they eliminate any chance of looking like a hot mess and you can look very chic and fashionable. Keep it simple with your choices in prints, a hawaiian button front or a checkered print can go a long way but don’t overpower your look by throwing in so much shit that people just look at you like your high school tacky day. Simple is better in the case of prints.

Keep your choices simple, do not over power your look by throwing in graphics with your print and then some sacked out color combination. SIMPLE IS BETTER guys so print this out and tape it to your closet, neutrals are your best friend and graphics are awesome but in small moderation.


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