Relationship Fail, Yep I’m Talkin Breakups

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How many times have you sat watching those romantic movies, whether they are comedic or not, and thought “Geez, why can’t my life be like that”. Well because it’s a movie and you’re in reality, and in many relationships there is a beginning and an unfortunate end to them. Sometimes they can be a mutual type thing and then other times they are drawn out drama tests, filled with everything seen in Mr & Mrs Smith except that instead of falling madly in love again your in a bitter race to kill one another. Ok maybe its not that hardcore but most breakups end in tears and yelling matches based on what happened to cause it to fail. I have been through a good many breakups and some ended with a peaceful goodbye and then some ended in a fight that Martin Scorzayzee would want to grab hold of. Lets look at how to handle these breakups.

1. The Unhappy Partner

These breakups, how do you even begin to talk about these. These types of breakups often have been building for a while and there are signs that this is coming your way. The other person is usually withdrawn from you and they often make excuses as to why they can’t go do something as a couple, they usually just want to go off by themselves and do whatever they do. Usually there is something that they aren’t getting on an emotional level form the other person whether its a “Hey baby your looking beautiful” or “I have always loved that tie on you”, they’re not getting emotional support from you in certain things that they are doing or it could simply be nothing about you but that they are just unhappy. When this just falls into your lap you can either try to rekindle the happiness or just let it go and start over and sometimes its best to let it go, it’ll hurt and you’ll probably be lonely so embrace the loneliness to focus on you and get your priorities in check.

2. The Cheater

Ok now everyone has most likely ton through this with some that they have been with at some point in their lives, if you haven’t then I give you serious props for making through life without the drama and heartache that us other unfortunates have had.These types are always slam packed with a Jerry Springer Shows worth of drama and skeletons being thrown out of closets, and trust me when I say they are always messy. There is nothing clean about this breakup but how you handle will make all the difference in how you move on; several ways that people handle this are they throw the persons shit out of the window and on the sidewalk, go on Facebook and let the world see your relationship fail in a burning flame and bring so many people into the mix that it seriously just gets ridiculous. Now it is completely ok to get angry I mean you just found out your honeysuckle was getting sucked out by Tamara in cube 6 after hours when he clearly was supposed to be home cuddled with you. Be angry and let it out and let this loser know how you feel, you’ll probably then cry hysterically while listening to Taylor Swift and then you’ll see him for who he is and possibly give a second chance but will rethink and move on with Scotty who has a life goals and standards. Life really does get better after all.

3. The Breakup Line Dropper

This bitch is so cliche but it is the seriously most classic thing that can happen to everyone and it has happened to everyone. These kind of breakups come out of nowhere leaving you with a massive WTF just happened because yesterday we were cuddled and haven rocking sex and now he’s leaving. Yea and the best part would be the lines the loser is going to throw way and they include “I’m not good enough for you”, “You deserve better than me”, “I can’t give you want you need”, and my personal favorite “It’s not you it’s me:. I mean clearly it’s you you fucking moron you’re the one leaving, I have found the secret to all of Taylor Swifts songs. These people seriously will make you rethink your choice in guys/girls and revaluate your standards, just because Brad looks hot doesn’t mean he won’t drop a line to escape this relationship that might happen, think about your choices. If this happened to you don’t even cry and get upset about this, laugh and move up to the next one because trust me there is better out there.

I have told plenty of people in my circle how to handle breakups and what I believe is the right thing to do and trust me when I say they end up so much happier and start to rethink their choices. You don’t need to be with someone to be happy find someone that adds to your happiness and everything will work out, but remember when it doesn’t you pour yourself a drink, put on your best outfit and pull yourself together.


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