A Guys Perspective on Class

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No I am not talking about school, as many of you who saw that title thought. I’m talking about the thing that most saw you don’t have and many people claim to be and let’s face it people most people will fake it to the point where they seriously believe that they’ve got it. I tend to see people claiming to have class on their social medias, in the club, in the streets and all i can say is we all know exactly what they are. Let me just say that those few ladies out there who are keeping it real with the rest of us and we know that they are real class acts, I mean they’re wearing the right things and saying all the right things.

I love seeing those statuses on Facebook that the girls put out there saying “I’m a classy ass bitch”, let me clarify that when you put the words “class” and “bitch” in the same sentence you are clearly not classy. I mean what exactly are you trying to convey to people exactly, that you are are this hardcore girl with a little bit of class? Well I am here to tell you that you are not class but a good bit of trash. I love seeing the same girls on Facebook up in the club shaking their ass on the dance floor or on the DJ stand with their drinks in one hand and their dignity flying out the window. You know exactly what I’m talking about to, those girls who look a hot drunken mess with their dresses that hit mid-thigh and those always adorable fish nets that have cuts and tears in them from the countless one-night stands they have. Now I know that you’re probably thinking “Why is this ass just talking about girls”, well guys are just as classless as girls can be but led-be-honest with ourselves here, no girl ever looks at a guy and says “Wow he is so not classy”. Ok maybe they do but it’s mainly girls saying how classy they are, always saying it when they’re about to get in fights, in arguments with other girls or just posting it everywhere. You don’t have to be Kate Middleton but lets try to shy away from the Kim Kardashian version of classy, oh wait there isn’t one. Speaking of Kim Kardashian it seriously blows my mind when people say she is classy, no she is not she puts her whole life on a reality TV show where everyone can see what she’s doing behind closed doors, I mean she did a sex tape and got it leaked for God’s sake. Lets class it up a bit shall we?

So ladies lets refrain from posting that you are a “classy ass bitch” and also from comparing your “classiness” to Kim Kardashian, anything with those 3 words in them are not classy. Class it up my lady friends out there especial your there in the clubs, you can have fun but lets refrain from the the fish nets and thigh high dresses.


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