Best Friends In Fashion

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I remember when I was younger and I thought that fashion was this great place of play and fantasy, where all your dreams would come true and you could pretty much do anything. Man I was wrong. Fashion used to be this impenetrable force, only seen through the pages of Bazzar, Vogue and WWD, that only the rich, famous, editors and such were in the IN CROWD. I mean fashion was just as impenetrable as a nun at a convent before the time of bloggers and instagramers.

I am not from New York nor have I real worked in New York, I am from SC and work in NC a majority of my time. I just recently finished up my degree at The Art Institute and while I was getting my degree I met one of the closest friends I think I could have ever met.I mean we bonded over class projects that seriously put us to the limit when we had to get them done, we put fire under each others asses to make sure that we got everything we needed We moved up the ranks in the school from complete nobodies to the people you wanted to know, we made the best impressions on teachers and put so much into our work that we won an award for our styling project that we worked and planned together on. I think that having a best friend in your corner really helps you put things in perspective, I mean we both had to support each other and at times we just ended up calling one another saying “Dude this is not going to get done” and just laughed about it.

I believe that your best friend is the one person that no matter what will be there for you in your career, they will always be there to build you up and hear you bitch about the loser at the office who totally didn’t put the paper in the copier right. My best friend who goes by Keke is one tough lady who seriously is my twin just born 3 years ahead of me and I’m pretty sure she’d agree to this whole article.


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