Tequila….My New Weight Loss Regiment

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I drink, not to the point where I am hitting the floor from a black out, but to calm my nerves or to celebrate and most of the time my drinks consist of Tequila. I do freelance work and my version of journalism called “updating this blog” for all you saucy people to read so by giving up my sleep I tend to replace it with a nice drink just to help out (Red Bulls are for sissies). I read in a study that TIME Magazine created that the sugars in tequila called agavins, which are only found in tequila, might aid this eternal fight against obesity. Yep that’s right tequila might help you loose weight, now the study that TIME did didn’t have any particular say in a particular diet regiment but I’m guessing that you should mix a few pieces of bread in with those multiple shots of that heavenly drink. So me being the tequila loving person I am, is wondering why I am not looking like one of those models who strut for Versace. Then I realize I’m not really on any diet just eat too damn much. So I am putting in place a new weight loss plan it includes tequila and goes as follows:

1. For every drink of tea or water I’ll take 2 shots of tequila to speed up the process.

2. Tequila shall be had with every meal! By this I mean for breakfast a nice Bloody Maria, lunch a nice tropical Envy and then for dinner (if you can make it that far) a classic Margarita.

3. Just incase your getting worried my cell phone will be on airplane so that you do not receive any risqué texts and seductive phone calls.

4. This is most important, I’ll keep up on my normal routine (more like force) and no naps will be taken because those things are the beginnings of a nasty hangover.

So what do you think about my new diet? Does it seem harmful, scary, fun and exciting? I have no idea if I’ll be able to do this so check back to see my profess or lack there of.


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