Date After That Interview? We Got This

I don’t know if you have ever had this happen to you but what if by some crazy instance you had a job interview and right after you had a date, what would you wear? If you answered what you wore to that interview then you my friend are wrong, major wrong. Guys we will occasionally make the mistake of thinking that we can wear that suite and tie to that date but let me state that if you are dressed like that to a date then you will not secure the sea, actually she might think you’re a little weird. Yeah she might think that coming from a job interview is a sign of an adult that is trying but I’ll bet she doesn’t give a shit to see that outfit. Women want to see a guys personal style, it shows who he is and what he is about. So if you’re wearing a suit and tie then she doesn’t have the chance to see what you’re about, I mean you could deb this edgy guy with a keen sense of style but she’s not going to know that while you have that outfit on.

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Listen guys bring a change of clothes to your interview, no don’t go on changing in your perspective employers business, change in your car if you need to I’ve done it plenty of times and if your windows are tinted then I’d say go for it. Your date is going to want to see who you are in your own personal style, would you want to see her all dressed up from an interview and on that second date she comes looking like a hooker? Yeah I thought so. I would say that your outfit for the date should be easy enough to bring and change but stylish enough for her to want to see you more. Yes beauty is within but nobody ever wanted to see someone again because their laugh was so contagious, people want to see you again because you look good fro her to brag to her friends. If she can’t brag then she’ll probably not want to see you again, a sick outfit can really help you win that second date. I know that this sounds all shallow and shit but les-be-honest its all about the looks when it comes to people so make sure yours are in check and that she or he is seeing the stylish you not the interview you. The date is like a type of interview but your looking to find a relationship or a piece of ass, not a full time job.


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