A Guys Perspective On Silhouettes


Alright guys this is one thing that most if not all guys fail to really pay attention to, silhouettes. We guys tend to focus on  two main silhouettes and they are the hourglass and round, or as most guys would say the coke bottle girl and fat girl (no hate towards anyone at all). There are much more to silhouettes than just those two generic forms, I mean have ever seen a girl who looks like a straight line, those girls have rectangular silhouettes which just means there is little to no curve going on that highway. When I am doing photoshoots I tend to go towards this rectangulars but I personally like my girl to have curves (which my girlfriend does and dresses to kill). Let me give you a little perspective on some silhouettes.

The hourglass is by far the go to for every guy out there, I mean who doesn’t like something to grab on to. I think of Scarlet Johansen or Marilyn Monroe every time someone mentions this, it is by far the sexiest type of silhouette and its the easiest to dress and appeal to the male view. The opposite of curves are straight lines and trust me no guy wants to feel like they’re sleeping next to the wall that just put up. I mean lets be serious when I see a model with that silhouette in  VOGUE Italia spread I’m lil sweet jesus thats divine but when it’s a girl walking down the street I just shake my head and keep walking and the worst is when the girl thinks she looks good and I think you would be pissed if you saw how my wall is looking right now. Now there are two silhouettes that can through you off and they are the upside down triangle and the triangle silhouettes, these just mean that home girl is sadly mis-proportioned so don’t bale her blame genetics. If you see a girl with a wider set of hips and a smaller chest/shoulder that is a triangle silhouette and when you see the girl who is big in the chest/shoulder and small in the waist that is an upside down triangle. These two silhouettes are the ones that you’ll see and think WTF is up with your body, don’t be too harsh because she probably got it from her grandmas or she had a ridiculous boob job that needs to be fixed asap. These silhouettes are all fine and dandy with their own quirks but the worst one is the round silhouette. I say this because women who have this type of silhouette hardly ever dress for their frame and shape and will constantly think they can wear tight fitted clothing and prints. No you can so stop looking like a king size sheet with a polka dot print was wrapped around you and safety pinned to hold it together. Lets know are silhouettes types ok people, well all live a little happier.

Now I need to express that this is a guys perspective on silhouettes, I’m just giving an pinion so don’t go all crazy lashing out. Silhouettes are the most crucial part of knowing how to dress your body because what will fit that hourglass won’t fit that round. Get it together, know your silhouette and dress better for yourselves dammit.


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